Thursday, September 29, 2016


Amitomo "Me like yuh GACHA" drew me to the SaNaRae one year Anniversary event this month to do a little Gacha playing for the outfit. In turn I got one of the Rare's and a cute little bunny jelly bag to decor my pretty lips with.

 The outfit is quite adorable topped off with the Hair draping down your shoulders and bags to boot. I felt this was one of the few gatchas I didn't mind playing again and again to get all the colors. Not to mention the commons would usually be 'rares' in most Gatchas.

Their are many other items to check out at the 1 year anniversary so be sure to have a look around for things that might fit your everyday fashion in Second Life.

|Look . 37|

|The Look|
Hair:AMITOMO - Me like yuh GACHA / Rare#1
Outfit:AMITOMO - Me like yuh GACHA #9
Mouth cuteness:AMITOMO- Me like yuh GACHA # 11

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


A new day, a new outfit. This time I took my chances on playing the Amitomo Gacha at Kustom9 One day. Let's just say it took a great amount of funds to get the Rare outfit (with customization HuD). The outfit in size Medium fits my Lara body perfectly. Though I usually have to alpha out the  bottom butt cheek from popping through whenever I walk, it's bearable because it's cute.
 The hair is a release from truth that I bought a couple days ago. I was actually grateful that this hair fit my Laq head. Their are 'a many' of mesh hair creators that are moving to cater to specific Mesh Heads. As great as that is, it sometimes leaves other Heads without pretty awesome hair. With that being said, I like this Hair and have also loved Truth hair since 2010 (Which I started shopping was probably 2009)
Keep up the great work creators!

|Look . 36|
|The Look|
Hair:TRUTH -Fenella
Necklace:[MANDALA]-Onigiri necklace/Silver
Outfit:AMITOMO -Weekend plan GACHA /RARE1 @ Kustom9) 
Shoes:AMITOMO- Joining you GACHA  Long (7)

Monday, September 26, 2016


So I happened to stumble upon a couple of places while trying to shop for things to fit my Character from the good ole world of CV. In the mix I happened to stumble upon a store called Lakshmi. Now I was quite excited to have a look around since every corner I turned, I kept saying "I can see Bess wearing this."
This particular looks gives me a summer vibe and though summer has come and gone, I still can't let it go quite yet. The textures on this top and skirt (Both sold separately) are pretty amazing. As you can see, they both look great if you happen to have your shadows enabled.
 The hair happens to come from my 'go to' places, **DP**Yumyum. This ponytail has a bit of a swish thanks to a well placed flexi in there (It's small and well textured so don't worry, you won't look like you're rolling in from 2007). It also has the option of adding different bags to it to give the hair a different look. The bangs are sold separately, but I suggest you demo them each and see if you like the different looks.
 And finally, we have this lovely pair of shoes that I noticed at Melon Bunny. Now, I shopped at MB before for a Kimono, but didn't notice this shoes until I decided to have a look around. So far I managed to get them to fit around my Maitreya feet with the resizer prims that it comes with. It's a bit tricky, but it's possible if you take your time and size it up. As far as the look, I'm really loving the textures on it. Even without shadows enabled, you still have that added flavor of shadows baked into the texture.
|Look# 35|
|The Look|
Hair: *barberyumyum*81(blonde)
Top:[LAKSHMI]-Yasmin BOHO Top(Solid)
Skirt:[LAKSHMI]-Raina Denim Skirt/Color Pack 3

Socks: *MUKA* -Knee Socks 
Shoes:{MB} -Juliana Heel {Khaki}

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

|Look#34| New Life...

"This is the start of my life is changing. Being part of the Blue Lotus as a ghoul will require me to be able to fight. I think it's high time I get used to wielding a bow again. I might be better off doing that over punching someone square in the face. Yes, I'll become a vampire soon, but until that day comes I'd prefer not risking someone's blood getting on me. I'm not even a fan of my own."

(34.) New Life..
|The Look|
Hair: Wasabi Pills- Poppy Mesh Hair - Golden
Top:Blueberry - Madori(Plaid 6) @C88
Pants:Addams -Flora Flare Jeans w/Belt (Ocean)
Pose:*FN* Robin Hood Pose
Bow +arrow included 

Monday, September 19, 2016

|Look# 33| Steal My sunshine

I know fall is just around the corner and all the Pumpkin Spice *Insert name of food here* is going to be flooding stores, I still  don't want summer to end just yet. This was even more obvious to me when Len-Steal My Sunshine came on the XM radio in my car this morning and I started blasting it. (That was my summer song when I was a kid.) I had to find something to blog for the end of summer and thankfully I did.

 Coincidentally, APHORISM is looking for bloggers (If you're looking to blog for !Aphorism!, click here) and though I own something that I never blogged (This Men's Leather and Chainmail Tunic(Rare) on my Old Targaryen King account) I figured I'd see what they'd have that fit my summer reminiscing mind in the moment. Enter the Del Sol Bikini.

 This two piece with Blossom print hit the mark for me /and/ it is definitely something my RP Character Elizabeth(CV) would wear to the bath house to soak in her new life as a Ghoul. (Yes, much has  happened with my little Bess.) It was released for last Collabor88's round so you can find it at the main store if you plan on picking it up.

 Top that with little bones Uma hair and it feels like Summer can go on and on with Len playing in the background on continuous loop....Until I think of Halloween...and then I'd rather it not be Summer anymore.

|Look# 32| Steal my Sunshine

|The Look|
Hair: Little Bones - Uma
Bikini: !APHORISM! - Del Sol Bikini - Red Blossom

Sunday, September 11, 2016

|Look 32| Free...

Elizabeth Howe made the decision of choosing to  to pick happiness over choosing a life that would forever be in control of others. In the process she relinquished all rights to her children. It was a decision that she would never feel great over, but in the end, choosing to stay would have never guaranteed her children either. She would be sidelined, in the dark, and never fully in control of their well being.


There was always hope her children would find her when they were old enough to understand her side if the story...
You still have time to head to the Eva Event to pick up this lovely Creation, Sunset Dress, from Petit Chat at the Eva Event 
until the 14th of September. As usual, this dress is Mesh enabled and comes in five different sizes to fit your body type.

|Look 31| Free Their are ten colors to tickle your fancy: Cherry, Dark Sea (Pictured) Caramel, Fuscia, Candy, Lagoon, Old Rose, Pearl , Plum, and Taupe.
It's the perfect dress with the Daring 'V' Neckline to before that cold weather approaches!

Get it!

|The Look|
Hair: MINA Hair - Helen
Dress: Petit Chat -Sunset Dress (Dark Sea)

Photo Taken at Convergence (Silk District)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

|Look#31| In the woods somewhere..

So for the next week or two, I'll be bored out of my mind with Bess since In Character, she'll be out of play. I sigh heavily at the thought of not being able to play my Convergence character, but when I think about it, Bess has been out of play for a while due to my inability to find story. (Mostly because it's my fault and I feel like not bothering people to join up in their stories) Anyway during my spare time, I decided to blog two things. First the Mesh Head from Laq.

 A new addition to my character redo with some simplicity in it. The former Fiore head I was wearing was too sexy, and those who know Bess know she's not the sexy type. This fits the homely look that I find to be attractive.

|Look#31| In the woods somewhere..
The gown is from . a i s l i n g . The color is extremely rich and attention grabbing. It does give a sense of something a woman would wear in a time period long ago, so something Bess wouldn't be wearing at all unless it was to try and lure a certain 'over thousand year old vampire', which wouldn't work anyway.

The Look:
Hair:[e] ~ Claudine
Mesh Head:LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.5
Dress :. a i s l i n g . ~Qarth Lady